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We at Optical Repairs pride ourselves on offering much more than just the basic service or repair. Our range of services is comprehensive, and we specialise in a wide variety of optical devices from various industries, professions and research. With every instrument we repair or maintain, we offer a high attention to detail.

Laboratory microscopes:

  • Universities, Schools, Colleges, and Research Institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Pathologists and Clinics
  • IVF Labs
  • Vets
  • Government Departments - Agriculture, Fisheries, Land and Environment
  • Asbestos and Environment Management
  • Mining and Engineering Laboratories

Optometry / Ophthalmic Equipment:

  • Precision refractor heads for optometry
  • Lens measuring devices
  • Slit lamps
  • Surgical microscopes
  • Dental loupes and microscopes

General Use:

  • Telescopic sights including binoculars, monocular, spotting scopes,
  • Astronomical and terrestrial telescopes
  • Instruments used for measuring colour observation deficiencies for military personnel


We also offer repairs and servicing for a wide range of vintage rifle scopes (first and second WW), vintage binoculars and garrison observation devices.

We offer an initial repair evaluation at no cost and can supply a detailed quotation if required. All our servicing includes a 6-12 monthly warranty and a detailed report on all instruments serviced to comply with any NATA accreditation and ANZ/NZ3760:2010 electrical requirements.

Whilst based in Australia, we welcome international clients and have carried out work across the world, including the UK, Canada, USA, South Africa and New Zealand. We have supported a number of specialised hospitals and clinics associated with ophthalmology, both in Australia and overseas. We have also supported a number of Government departments and services.

At Optical Repairs we are passionate about staying informed on technological advances, and updates to specialised equipment, which enables us to carry out complex mechanical and electronic repairs with ever greater accuracy and speed.

Agents for Microscopes, Binoculars and Loupes


Read what some of our clients have said about our service

Based on 8 reviews
Dhruv Singh
Dhruv Singh
Had an antique surveyor's theodolite restored by Malcolm and Nathan, they did a fantastic job and it looks great now!! Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs optical repairs or restoration. Photos of restored product attached.
Dave Murphy
Dave Murphy
Outstanding work by Malcolm with a faithful restoration of the optics of these 1916 binoculars which were carried by my Great Grandfather on the Western Front during World War One. Taking excellent care of our heirloom, he has provided a very prompt and careful repair of the damaged eyepieces and full clean of the prisms to working condition. Great value for money, and top shelf workmanship.
Wayne Ford
Wayne Ford
I had been looking for a long time for someone to service and repair my late father's Jena 7x50 binoculars which he had handed down to me some 20 years ago. I came across Malcolm's website and with in a very short time the Binoculars came back to me in perfect working order. I am so pleased with the result and now I have handed them down to my own son. Thanks again Malcolm and I would absolutely recommend your knowledge and experience to any person seeking optical repairs or service. Wayne from Sydney.
A smith
A smith
10/10 spoke to Malcom about a 1918 scope he was more then helpful, posted it to him to be refurbished very knowable and happy to explain it all in detail, reasonably priced would recommend him to any one needed any optics worked on you can tell he loves what he does.
Nathan Chen
Nathan Chen
Malcolm did a great job restoring the WWII binoculars I found.
Brent Walker
Brent Walker
My 32 yr old rifle scope died .. i was fearing it couldnt be fixed .. mal not only repaired it he made it like new again .. great tradesman .. awesome
Bridget Higgo
Bridget Higgo
Meticulous attention to detail and care provided in restoring optical instruments to an excellent condition.
Roof Knight
Roof Knight
Fantastic service and support. Value for your money.
restored patt1918 scope

Mate that’s looks amazing thank you so much for the work it’s greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for the efforts may potentially have another in line to be acquired that will likely end up in your hands at some stage also for some TLC (far better condition than what this one was)

Jared G - Patt1918


Had an antique surveyor's theodolite restored by Malcolm and Nathan, they did a fantastic job and it looks great now!! Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs optical repairs or restoration. Photos of restored product attached.

Once again thank you for a job well done.

Dhruv Singh - Theodolite

toko 20 x 120 wwii japan

I assembled the binoculars last night and they are fantastic. They work (and look) better than they ever have.

Thanks for doing such a great repair job on the binoculars (I have attached a photo where they now stand in all their glory).




Malcolm Eames (Left)

Owner, Director & Technical Service Specialist
My passion for all things optical began more than 50 years ago as a young lad using my Father’s binoculars whilst sailing. I was captivated by the way objects from so far away could be brought so close and could be observed in such detail.

This interest in optical instruments grew and eventually led me into a career in optics, as a factory trained instrument engineer. My early days of study and training began in association with the British Ministry of Defence in navigational and observation systems. This founded a 20 year relationship with major European optical manufacturers and led me to the business I have established today, where I have been servicing and repairing optical instruments for over 40 years.

The world of optics still fascinates me, and I am proud to pass on my knowledge and continuing passion to the staff who have now joined me on this journey.

Nathan Chen (Right)

Technical Service Specialist
Nathan joined Optical Repairs three years ago, and has been restoring and repairing a variety of optical instruments with Malcolm since. He has a PhD in microbiology and biochemistry, and offers a wealth of experience with his science and research background.

Nathan collects and repairs rangefinder cameras - a hobby which began 10 years ago. He has experience rebuilding classic cameras and has accumulated a noteworthy collection from around the world.

His passion for all things optical, excellent problem solving skills and his mechanical aptitude, are all valuable assets to the team.


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