Service Detail

A comprehensive service on all optical devices includes a complete disassembly, removal of lenses, prisms, levelling and or adjusting components, adjustment controls and any other component that are deemed necessary in the overhauling process.

On re assembly components are replaced after our extensive cleaning process and re fitted. In some instances, modifications both optically and mechanically may be necessary to complete the overhaul/repair to our standard.

All sealing points are renewed and optical adjustment carried out to original factory specifications. Once specific optical devices are ready for final sealing, we flush with N2 Un1066 030 -Instrument Grade nitrogen thereby creating a dry internal chamber for the optics.

A final alignment/collimation and calibration inspection is carried out prior to dispatch.

We also offer in addition to the standard service on a variety of optical devices i.e. binoculars, microscopes, riflescopes, telescopes, refractor heads and compasses etc. a full restoration service. This is where we Re-blu, Cerakote® or Dip and Polish depending on age and condition of the product and endeavour to bring the optical device back to, or as near to original condition as possible. All the stamped lettering on the outside of the body/chassis, is re-filled in white/black/red where appropriate and we pride ourselves on the attention to detail of every optical device we bring back to life.

In addition to our standard servicing we also manufacture small detailed components to original specifications i.e. dust caps, lock ring adjusters, shade covers etc. and in special cases will 3D print components to original specifications.

We can also change and or retro fit different types of reticules and offer on some models an exchange. - subject to availability- details available on request.

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We cover our workmanship and material with an unconditional 3 month warranty on parts and labour through normal usage.

Please see - Terms & Conditions of Service - Optical Repairs

Mail or freight (registered) your item with repair form enclosed or a brief indication as to the problem and service required (i.e. Standard or Complete Overhaul) to address as shown.
Please include “REPAIR FORM” (details on Website).